Newsletter January 2014

I hope you have had a wonderful start to 2014! I know that it can be hard to get back in the swing of your normal routine after the holidays, especially with all of this cold weather and snow. I encourage you to use this time to think about planning for the future. We at Karen McKeithen Schaede, PLLC would like to take this opportunity to announce that we will begin offering the service of drafting Simple Wills.

By creating a Simple Will, you can make certain your family is protected and your wishes are carried out. A Simple Will allows you to spell out where your property and possessions go. Often creating a Will is not in the forefront of what you want to do, but it becomes more of a priority when you think about the possible disputes and lengthy legal battles your family could endure if you do not have a Will. Your family will appreciate you alleviating the potential of added stress in an already trying time. We look forward to hearing from you and helping to guide you through what can be a difficult process.

Check out our website where our blog is updated regularly with intriguing posts that pertain to small business and captivating news on pending legislation.  Make sure to stay warm and safe in this bitterly-cold winter weather we are enduring!


Karen McKeithen Schaede Attorney at Law, PLLC


The financial impossibility of taking unpaid leave is the single most common reason workers give for not taking leave when they need it, according to the Department of Labor’s Technical Report in November of 2013. The “Family and Medical Insurance Leave Act” (the FAMILY Act), introduced in the Senate on December 12, 2013, would provide up to 12 weeks of paid leave each year to qualifying workers.

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Small Businesses Planning to Hire

…Of the many roles entrepreneurs handle themselves when getting their businesses up and running, the least popular is that of HR manager. Just two percent cited this mission-critical function as their favorite part of the job. If you are one of the entrepreneurs that are thinking about hiring in the New Year, we have some suggestions to hire wisely.

1.Clearly define the position.

You should keep in mind that people search for jobs based on keywords or industries. The more detailed a job description you can draft, the more appropriate your potential candidates will be and the better your chances of matching the right person with the role

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